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Account Aggregation Solution

Our AdvisorGuide portfolio management platform provides you with a single statement that shows all your investment accounts together and in one convenient format. You do not need to transfer your accounts, we simply take the information, with your authorization, from your current financial institution(s) and combine the data, then display the information in one easy to read format for your convenience.

No more looking through multiple statements and trying to figure out different formats for the same information.

Our platform can capture your account information from most sources to include banks, other broker dealers, and trust companies.

This feature allows you to review all your assets by simply logging in to the AdvisorGuide platform.

You will have access to quarterly performance statements, daily position reports, and transaction viewing that will include ALL your assets.

Eliminate the need to view multiple statements and different formats.

We can post your other valuables such as collectible works of art and other long term assets that you may need to keep track of separately.

You can track different family accounts: Individual, trust, joint, IRA, 401K, children, etc. Any account that you may prefer to see in a consolidated format can be included.

Ask your Investment Advisor Representative for an online demonstration of our system and an explanation of the investment products that best suit your individual needs.

Please contact your investment advisor representative or National Asset Management at 1-800-742-7730 for the firm's disclosure brochure.